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For Sale
Price Reduced!!

2003 GL1800 and Trailer

81,000 miles - $7,500 for both







Contact Dale Coblentz for details about this bike and trailer

(360) 897-2165







K&N Oil Filter Recall




K&N has issued a SAFETY RECALL and identified which filters are subject to the defect.  Here are clips from the recall letter sent to dealers:

K&N has discovered that certain KN-204/204C oil filters manufactured between March 1 and September 30, 2016, can leak oil at the area where a nut (intended for use to remove the oil filter during routine oil changes) is welded to the end of the filter. If there is such a leak, oil could come into contact with the rear tire or rear brake of the motorcycle on which the filter is installed. If this were to occur, it could lead to a loss of control or a crash. Therefore, K&N is conducting a recall under which it is offering to replace the covered oil filters at no charge, including the cost of return shipping.


Read more about this recall HERE






2018 Special Olympics


On June 2nd and 3rd, Chapter V assisted with the 2018 Special Olympics.









John Doughty Interviewed on Long Riders Radio







Our very own John Doughty was recently interviewed by Justin Long for the Podcast, "Long Riders Radio" This is a podcast dedicated to the Iron Butt Community and has a large global following of Iron Butt riders.


Justin talks with John about his Iron Butt "100,000 miles in a Year" quest.


Click on the link below to listen to John's interview.



Listen Here




BTW - Justin was a first time competitor in this years 11-day Iron Butt Rally. He had a very successful Rally and finished 50th which put him in the Bronze category.






Motorist Awareness
Vic Parr





We are trying a new twist to get the word out about motorcycle awareness. The idea is to give the youngsters something that they can work with and then show their parents.


How about some pictures of motorcycles to color? Click on one of the the coloring booklets below which is created on a single sheet of paper, and then folded in quarters. These can be easily printed off at home.


Crayons are an additional treat for youngsters traveling on a trip with their parents. A lot of restaurants have crayons available, so the booklet by itself would suffice. These booklets have been distributed to other patron’s children, with their parent’s approval, at several chapter meeting locations and they have been very well received.


We encourage each chapter member  to consider this method of motorcyclist awareness so more people are looking out for us. Maybe the parent will observe a motorcycle of the style or color that their child showed them.












Washington District Chapter Meeting Quick Reference

Click on the Chapter to see a map of the meeting location.
If planning to visit a Chapter, be sure to check the Chapter's web site to ensure the meeting is being held.


  1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Sunday WA-V 9:00 AM   WA-I 8:00 AM  
Tuesday       WA-X 5:30 PM
Saturday WA-R 9:00 AM
WA-L 8:00 AM
WA-Z 8:30 AM
WA-O 8:00 AM
WA-N 8:00 AM
WA-E 8:30 AM
WA-A 8:00 AM



Click Here to Use the GWRRA Chapter Search Tool.








GL1800 Rear Brake Recall


Special Notice Dated October 23, 2016


Honda Recall: Honda is recalling 126,000 motorcycles for a second time because their brakes can malfunction. The recall covers Honda GL-1800 motorcycles for model years 2001-10 and 2012. A problem with the secondary brake master cylinder can cause the rear brake to drag, potentially leading to a crash or fire. Honda had received 533 complaints thru July 24th, including reports of eight small fires. There have been no reports of crashes or injuries as a result of the problem. Honda originally recalled the motorcycles in December 2011 but continued to receive complaints.


More information can be found at http://powersports.honda.com/recall-information.aspx.  You can check the status of your motorcycle by entering in your bike's VIN.


Customer Letter can be found at http://content.services.honda.com/recalls/docs/Campaigns/S03.pdf


If you have this work done, bear in mind that the mechanic will only bleed the rear brake line unless you specifically request the front brake line as well (which will have a labor charge associated with it).






Second GL1800 Airbag Recall


Special Notice Dated January 13, 2017


Honda Recall: A victim of the defective Takata airbag inflator recall that is affecting millions of vehicles around the world, Honda has expanded the recall to cover almost all airbag-equipped GL1800's.


This recall is due to airbag inflators that can explode unexpectedly, sending shrapnel into the rider's body. As of the end of 2016, 11 people had been killed and more than 100 have been injured by these defective inflators.


If you have an airbag model, read the expanded recall details to see if your bike is included and what steps you should take: GL1800 Airbag Recall






For Patches and Rockers contact Jeff or Cindy Duffield
(253) 293-0744



White Rockers with Red or Yellow Gold Trim

10”- $6.75
9”- $6.75
4”- $2.75
City Bars - $6.75


Black Rockers with Black Trim


10”- $6.75
9” - $6.75
4” - $2.75
City bars - $6.75


Black Rockers with Gold Trim

10” - $7.00
9” - $7.00
4”- $3.00
City Bars - $7.00


Red Rockers with Yellow Gold Trim

10” - $6.75
9” - $6.75
4’’ - $2.75
City Bars - $6.75


Stand Alone Rockers 9’’ only

Red with yellow gold trim - $6.75
White with red trim - $6.75
Black with Black Trim - $6.75
Black with Gold Trim - $7.00



Two line rockers may be subject to $1.00 extra depending on length of wording.


Letter color options are available






Gold Wing and Valkyrie Tech Bulletins





Thanks to Mike Briese for compiling this list of Gold Wing and Valkyrie Recalls and Service Bulletins.





GL1500 Gold Wing and Valkyrie


Number   Year(s) Affected Description
1500SB1   1988 Carburetor Vent Hose Routing
1500SB2   1988 Low Speed Drivability Improvement
1500SB3   All CB Radio Sub-Harness
1500SB4   1988-1989 Saddlebag Water Leakage
1500SB5   1988-1989 Improved Windshield Seal
1988-1993 Bank Angle Sensor Replacement
1500SB7 RECALL 1997 GL1500/Valkyrie - Turn signal bracket replacement
1500SB8   1997-1998 GL1500/Valkyrie - Hondaline CB radio kit
1500SB9 RECALL 2000 Defective 3-way "T" fitting to the air injection control valve (AICV)


GL1800 Gold Wing


Number   Year(s) Affected Description
1800SB1   2001 Coolant temperature gauge improvement
1800SB2 RECALL 2001 Engine stop switch
1800SB3 RECALL 2001 Crankshaft pulse rotor
1800SB4   2001 Radio muting improvement
2002 Reverse cable inspection/adjustment
1800SB6   2001-2002 Rear tire inspection
1800SB7   2001 Oxygen sensor replacement
1800SB8   2001 Speedometer replacement
1800SB9   2001-2002 GL1800A - ABS speed sensor wire clamp location
1800SB10   2001-2002 CB radio replacement
1800SB11   2010-2002 CD changer replacement
1800SB12 RECALL 2002-2003 Bank angle sensor mounting screws
1800SB13   2001-2003 ECM replacement/cooling system improvement
1800SB14 RECALL 2002-2003 Frame weld
1800SB14-Rev RECALL 2002-2003 Frame Weld (This supersedes GL 1800 #14, dated September 2003)
1800SB15   2001-2008 Trunk opener unit, Opener rod, & Snap
1800SB16 RECALL 2002-2004 Linked braking system proportional control valve leakage
1800SB17 RECALL 2001-2002 Frame Weld Inspection
1800SB17-Rev RECALL 2001-2002 Frame Weld Inspection (This supersedes GL 1800/A #17, dated April 2005)
1800SB18 RECALL 2003-2004 Frame Weld (This supersedes GL 1800/A #18, dated February 2005)
1800SB19   2006 GL1800 Airbag - CB Radio Squeal
1800SB20   All Secondary master cylinder inspection/replacement
1800SB21   2012 Navigation system software product update campaign
1800SB22 RECALL All Dragging rear brake interim bulletin
1800SB23 RECALL All Secondary master cylinder replacement (This bulletin supersedes 1800SB20 and 1800SB22)
1800SB24 RECALL 2006-2012 GL1800-8A - AIRBAG MODULE REPLACEMENT. (This supersedes GL1800 #24, dated November 9, 2016)
1800SL48   All Battery Preparation and Maintenance (This supersedes SL #48, dated November 2006.)